Alpine tribal collection


 Aspen jewelry artist, Kathy Hansel, merges Scandinavian heritage with inspirations from the American Western landscape 


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Alpine Tribal

The jewelry embodies a cross-cultural reverence for Nature. Kathy combines ancient Scandinavian art concepts inspired by her Nordic heritage, with a deep love and regard for Western Native American artistry into the Alpine Tribal  Collection. This collection combines silver smithing and beading materials in a current way that whispers of ancient ancestry and connection to the earth.  


The colors and textures of the American West inspire this collection. Colorado winters force bold changes. The smooth new fallen snow against rough stone and  wilted plants; waterfalls against jagged shale; slick, sparkly ice forms, moving azure water slips silently under the surface. 


Our adornments reflect our personal world views and the spiritual beauty of our surroundings. Someday it will be discovered that humans have a built-in DNA code that compels us to adorn ourselves with the familiar colors and textures that secretly move us to reflect who we are. These unique designs invite you to discover your connection to the earth.                                                                                                                                                              


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