About the Artist

K. B. Hansel


Drawing from her Scandinavian heritage,  jewelry artist Kathy Hansel has merged her love of Nordic culture and art history with inspirations collected from the American Western  landscape.  Having lived in the Aspen Valley of Colorado for the past 24  years, Kathy has combined her career as an interior designer with her  lifelong aspiration as an artist.  Kathy has honed her love of nature,  studies in anthropology and a deep reverence for Native American art  into a collection of jewelry she calls "Alpine Tribal".  This collection  combines silver smithing and beading materials in a refreshing way that  whispers of ancient ancestry.  

The Studio


"My studio is on our property, 7300 feet above sea  level in Colorado.  It is surrounded by Aspen groves and bureau of land  management wilderness.  Originally it was a bunk house for a cowboy and  his horse.  Given the opportunity to change its appearance during  renovation, it molted into the traditional Swedish red cottage.  This  reminds me of childhood summers of bright light, sparse interiors, pale  blues and whites, open windows with the scent of earth and trees.  These elements reappear in my jewelry designs."

K. B. Hansel Interiors


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"As owner and designer of K. B. Hansel Interiors, I have  had the  privilege of living and working as a designer in the Aspen area for the  past 25 years. Appreciating having had the opportunity to work with some  of the most talented architects and builders in the country, and very  special clients who love the beauty of the mountains as much as I do."

Coyote Couture


Coyote Couture

Working in collaboration with Gail Orrick of Coyote Couture Colorado, Kathy has used her aesthetics in jewelry design to complement and honor the beauty of the Colorado alpine coyote.  Having used traditional jewelry materials such as silver and turquoise in her existing jewelry art, Kathy is creating a new collection, stepping beyond traditional materials revealing her current aesthetic sensibilities.

Cody High Style


The Cody High Style exhibit featured a unique sterling silver design blending influence from Nordic animal mythology with American Indian animal  spirit references.  K.B. Hansel Jewelry exhibited a convertible broche/necklace with cut geodes, crystals, white sponge, coral and pearls at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 

Western Design Conference


Alpine Tribal Jade pendant complimenting leather and fur by Coyote Couture.